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The Cave Diving Group recognises two Classes of diver:

  • Trainee Diver

  • Qualified Diver

A Qualified Diver is considered to have a thorough knowledge of practical and theoretical cave diving techniques and is competent to organise and supervise the training and cave diving of trainee divers.

The CDG Qualified Diver Assessment consists of three parts:

  • Part A Submission of a record of caving and diving experience

  • Part B Practical Test

  • Part C Theory Test

Qualified Diver status is awarded at a Section meeting following a satisfactory performance from the Trainee Diver in all three Parts.

The Assessment Schedule (PDF 11Kb) gives the details of the assessment process.

Advanced Qualifications

The Cave Diving Group offers two advanced qualifications:

  • Nitrox diver

  • Examiner

Group members should contact their Section Secretary for details.

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