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Membership Fees – 2012

The annual membership subscription for 2012 is due before the 1st of January 2012.

Your total membership subscription fee is determined by the combination or your memship type, newsletter subscription, and any BCS caving insurance you have taken out outwith the group for 2012. You then add together the individual components relevant to your membership category to give your subscription for 2012.

The 2012 subs stand at:

  1. Charge for the Group's publications for domestic and overseas subscribers - £15
  2. Non-diving membership subscription - £4
  3. Diving membership subscription - £5
  4. Temporary membership subscription - £5
  5. Regional section subscription - £10
  6. Joining / re-joining fee - £10
  7. Insurance contribution - £16 (if you have BCA insurance through another club see the full table)
  8. Levy for overseas postage - £3

A full table of membership fees is available on request


If any member has not paid their 2012 annual subscription by the 1st January 2012 then their membership of the CDG will be deemed to have lapsed. Lapsed members will be required to pay an additional £10 rejoining fee.

New members will be required to pay an additional £10 new membership administration fee.

All the above payments should be made to your Section Secretary. Cheques should be made payable to the Cave Diving Group.

Note 1: Public liability for caving insurance through the 2012 BCA scheme is required by all CDG members. Non- BCA schemes cannot be accepted as a substitute even if the cover is broadly similar. If a member already has current 2012 caving PL insurance through the BCA insurance scheme, they must provide the details of their pre- existing BCA insurance arrangements to their Section Secretary.
Note 2: Any person requiring the distribution of their copy of the Group's Publications to an overseas address must pay an additional £3.
Note 3: A NL subscriber's is not a member of the Group and has none of the benefits of membership. They do receive the four quarterly News Letters. Their subscription runs for 12 months from their date of payment and does not follow the annual membership calendar. You can arrange a NL subscription by contacting the Distribution Manager.
Note 4: Temporary members have the status of Trainee Diver for a maximum period of 15 days, are covered by the BCA insurance for cave diving and do not receive any Newsletters.

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