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Cave Diving Group Welsh Section

Grwp Plymio Ogofau Adran Cymreig


The Welsh Section of the Caving Diving Group is one of four regional sections that make up the national body for this activity. It is comprised of cavers with an interest in exploring the underwater caves and flooded mines of the area.

The CDG was formed in 1946 at the resurgence to Ogof Ffynnon Ddu in South Wales but can trace its origins back to the 1930's in the Mendip hills in the West of England. From its origins it now has a structure which is made up of a central committee and four regional sections:

  • Somerset
  • Northern
  • Derbyshire
  • Welsh

The Welsh Section holds regular meetings with an Annual General Meeting in November to elect its officers:

This all happens under the central committee elected by the CDG AGM - this committee oversees the running of the Group and is its link to the outside world. The CDG has its own training/examination system and produces a quarterly newsletter and occasional publications such as sump indices and training manuals. Members of the CDG may be called upon to assist in cave rescues, particularly those involving cavers trapped by flooding.

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